Checkout Funnel - Order Bump

Divi BodyCommerce allows you to create exciting upsells at checkout for your customers. Remember to update or publish your work as you go.

What Is An Order Bump?

An order bump is a discounted product on the checkout page. It is useful as you can offer a unique discount that they can easily add by clicking a checkbox and not having to leave the page.

How To Set Up An Order Bump?

1.) Create Order Bump.

The first thing you need to do is to create the order bump template. Go to the Divi Library and create one using our modules. We have some modules which you can use like the Order Bump Price (shows discounted price) and the Order Bump Add (shows the checkbox to add it to the cart). Next, go to BodyCommerce > Order Bump. and click "yes" next to "enable order bump".

2) Choose The Product Type.

Specific will show a certain product no matter what is added to the cart. Up-sell and Cross-sell will show the first up-sell or cross-sell product of the first product in the cart. If using a specific product type, choose the product you want to show next. Choose the percentage you want to be discounted. Choose the location on the checkout page. Add some text to the product name if you wish so you can easily identify it is the one that was discounted on your invoices etc.

3.) Parameters.

The order bump will work on the first product added to the cart. It will only show the product if it has not been bought. If you remove the parent product (the one that initiates the discount) then the order bump will be removed.

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