Install & Edit A Divi Machine Layout Pack

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Follow this information to learn how to install and edit a Divi Machine Layout Pack.

Step 1: Select A Layout Pack

Head over to our BLOG, filter by Layouts and select a Divi Machine Layout Pack.

Step 2: Download Layout Pack

Find the Download button and click to download.

Step 3: Read READ_ME file.

Drag the folder inside the Zipped Folder onto your Desktop and read the READ_FIRST or READ_ME file.

Step 4: Install Divi & ACF

First, you will need to install Divi, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) and Divi Machine using the appropriate method. Please click HERE to install Divi Machine.

Step 5: Get Your Website Ready

  • Disable all other plugins (apart from ACF) while developing.
  • Please go to Divi > Theme Options > Builder > Advanced and turn off the Divi Static CSS File Generation.
  • Disable Divi performance options that are related to JQuery, CSS and JS (Javascript) in Divi > Theme Options.
  • Flush permalink structure by saving the permalink structure twice. Go to Settings > Permalinks > Save.
  • Remove extra custom CSS that might conflict with Divi Machine.

Step 6: Create a new Post Type (Or Many) Using Divi Machine

Go to Divi Engine > Add/Edit Post Types and create a new Post Type. Make sure that you name it correctly - especially the URL. Read the READ_ME file to know what to name it. You might need to create a number of Post Types. Please read the file to know how many to make and what to call them.

Step 7: Import Divi Library Layouts

You may or may not need to import Divi Library Layouts - please check with the READ_ME file. If you do then head over to Divi > Divi Library > Import & Export > Import and select the Library Layouts JSON file from the Layout Pack (now on your Desktop).

Step 8: Import Theme Builder Layouts

Most of your Divi Machine website will be in the Divi Theme Builder. To import the Theme Builder Layouts go to Divi > Theme Builder and find the double arrows to the right of the screen. Import the Theme Builder JSON file from the Layout pack (now on your Desktop).

Step 9: Import Divi Machine Settings

Now you will need to import the Divi Machine settings. Go to Divi Engine > Machine Settings > Import/Export Settings and select the Divi Machine Settings CSV file from the Layout Pack (now on your Desktop) and click the Save Settings button. Then scroll down and Save Changes. This will arrange your Divi Machine settings.

Step 10: Import ACF Settings

Import ACF settings by going to Custom Fields > Tools > Import Field Groups.

Step 11: Create Posts

Create posts in your Post Types adding in the relevant ACF field information.

Step 12: View Pages

To view your pages click on the link to view from the front. For example, to view your posts page go to the Post Type, click on the post and view the post. The same applies to categories and others.

Step 13: Edit Divi Library Layouts

To edit a Divi Library Layout visit the Divi Library.

Step 14: Edit Theme Builder Templates

To edit a Theme Builder Template visit Divi > Theme Builder, find the Layout and click the Edit symbol.

Step 15: Continue Building Your Website

To continue building your product display website visit our documentation.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Machine working.

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