How To Show ACF Data From The Current Posts Taxonomy

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Follow these steps to show ACF data from the current posts taxonomy.

Step 1: ACF setup

Set up the ACF on the taxonomy - in this case, it will be on Product Tax.

Set up the ACF taxonomy field on your post type. In this example, the taxonomy field is added for them to choose what taxonomy to show.

Step 2: Assign Values to Taxonomy

  • Create a new taxonomy - "Testing" in this example.
  • Add ACF data to it - "Microsoft" in this example.

Step 3: Assign Your Post To This Taxonomy

Assign your posts to this taxonomy.

Step 4: ACF Item module

Define the following in the ACF Item module.

  • Define the ACF on the taxonomy (From step 1).
  • Choose "Category, tag or taxonomy of current CPT" in "ACF Field Type" setting.
  • Choose the ACF on the current CPT that defines the taxonomy (from step 2).


It will now show the text "Microsoft" from the "testing" taxonomy.

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