Divi Machine Settings

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Follow these steps to learn about Divi Machine Settings.

View Machine Settings

Make your way to Divi Engine > Machine Settings.

General Settings

Click on General Settings. View descriptions of each setting below.

General Settings

Enable debug mode if a Divi Engine support engineer has instructed you to do so.

Add some custom CSS/JS (great when exporting/importing settings)

Enter custom CSS and JS into the relevant areas.

Import/Export Settings

  • Upload your setting file: Select a Divi Machine compatible file.
  • Import Settings: Save the settings that you have uploaded.
  • Export Settings: Export your Divi Machine settings.

Other Settings

Enable the button to remove all Divi Machine settings after the plugin is deleted.

Search Settings

Click on Search Settings. Here you can enable/disable what gets searched on the page when you are using the native search or Divi Machine search module.


Enable or disable common elements. 

ACF Group

Enable or disable ACF groups.

Module Overrides

Click on Module Overrides. Override the normal Divi module using Divi Machine. View descriptions of each setting below.

Map Module

  • Map Module Override: Select your Map ACF created in ACF.
  • Map Post Type: Select the Post Type associated with the ACF field above.
  • Please click HERE for the document on our ACF Map feature.

Countdown Module

  • Countdown Module Override: Select your Countdown ACF created in ACF.
  • Countdown Post Type: Select the Post Type associated with the ACF field above.


Click on License. After generating a license key in your Divi Engine account add it here. If you would like to remove your license key then deactivate it here first before removing it from your Divi Engine account. View this document HERE.

Get Help

If you would like help then please visit our Machine Documentation and email [email protected]

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Machine working.

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